Baby & Me: Learning Together supports parents in raising young learners



Program Highlights

  • Available for families of children from their birth through 36 months
  • Free books, toys, and activities
  • Weekly, year round playgroups
  • 9 months of Home Visits with trained Baby and Me staff
  • Nine-week family program with early childhood experts & sessions for sharing experiences with other families; meets weekly for 2 hours, free childcare and snacks
  • Curriculum focused on child development, setting routines, and how to talk, read and play with babies for optimal brain and social development

Emily shares stories with a family during a family workshop.  Family workshops include an educational opportunity for caregivers, childcare for their children and FREE books and toys to support child development.

Mia from the Jones Library shares stories with our families.  We partner with local organizations to bring literacy rich experiences to families and children.

Sample Curriculum

Each week, expert speakers will discuss one of the following topics and families will have a chance to explore, discuss, and receive supporting materials to support their family's growth and success.

  • Meet and Greet: A Getting to Know Each Other Day
  • Ages and Stages: How do Children Learn?
  • Social-Emotional Development
  • Styles and Skills: Temperament and Parenting Styles
  • Talk Talk Talk: Talking to your Child
  • Devouring a Good Book: Reading and Literacy
  • Learn to Play, Play to Learn
  • Kids Need Boundaries: Routines and Limit Setting
  • Why do they do that?: Behavior and Discipline
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